Background checks

Is your background check current? Are you coaching or looking to coach for HYSA? Effective December 2019 background checks are now good for two consecutive years and are subject to review by the board if needed during that two year period. If you are coaching or looking to coach for HYSA you need to have completed and current with your background check.

What DISQUALIFIES a potential volunteer?

Before we look at the completed background check, the following automatically disqualifies an applicant from volunteering:

  • An applicant provides inaccurate information in their application References provide unpleasant or disturbing information about the potential volunteer Information gathered in the interview raises questions about the potential volunteer’s motives
  • ​The volunteer refuses to complete the screening process
  • Then, we must analyze the information gathered from the Criminal History Background Check.
  • If an applicant is found to have been convicted of any of the following offenses: Minimum time from date of conviction before being considered:
    o R1 – Any Felony – No time limit. 
    o R2 – Any Lessor Crime involving force or threat of force against a person – 5 years minimum
    o R3 – Any lesser crime of a sexual nature or classified as a sex offense – No time limit.
    o R4 – Any lesser crime involving controlled substance (not paraphernalia or alcohol) – 5 years minimum
    o R5 – Any lesser crime involving cruelty to animals – No time limit
    o R6 – Any sex offender registrant – No time limit
    o R7 – Any lesser crime involving a minor – No time limit
    o R8 – Any lesser crime (Class C or higher) involving theft, robbery, forgery or fraud. – 5 years minimum
    o R9 – Any lesser crime involving weapons violation – 10 years minimum
    o R10 – Any lesser crime DUI/DWI – 3 year minimum or 5 years for multiple offenses.